Renew or Join OADG and/or CADORA

  • The OADG membership deadline is April 1st, to retain voting privileges and for January-March scores to be included towards year-end awards.
  • After April 1st, show scores will only be included towards year-end awards once the membership is active.
  • Rider and at least one owner of the horse must be members to be eligible for year-end awards.
  • All OADG members participating in OADG shows and clinics must be members of the OE or PTSO for insurance purposes. It is recommended that clinic organizers ask for participant OE/PTSO number.
  • Memberships must be renewed with CADORA Ontario and CADORA National no later than July 1st, in order to qualify for eligible awards.
    To join CADORA-ON:
  • Memberships are now Live on the HORSEREG Portal through Ontario Equestrian.
  • When renewing your OE Membership just make sure you click on the Add CADORA-Ontario Dressage Membership when you renew on the Membership/License Options page.
  • If you have already obtain your OE Membership you can log back in and purchase your Cadora-Ontario Membership through the portal. Again, all you need to do is add CADORA-Ontario Dressage Membership on the Membership/License Options page.

Please make cheque/money order payable to “O.A.D.G.”

No post dated cheques.

Membership forms may be emailed to ONLY IF accompanied by an email money transfer* to the same email.

* Please state your full name(s) in the description box of the transfer for the purpose of clarity and use the secret question answer ‘OADGmem’.

You will receive a confirmation email shortly after receipt of your form and payment.

Mail completed membership forms to:

Catherine Maguire

1200 Clayton Road,

Almonte ON

K0A 1A0

Membership Director Email

N.B. Please do not send Ontario Equestrian membership forms or Equine Canada (EC) membership forms to the OADG Membership Director. These forms should be sent directly to the respective OE and EC membership offices.