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Renew or Join OADG and/or CADORA by Mail

You MUST join no later than April 1st in order to qualify for OADG awards (except for the overall PeeWee Award), both the rider and owner of the horse (if different) must be members of the OADG by April 1st. Owners must at least have an OADG local membership. (Scores up to and including April 1st are also valid for year-end awards as long as your membership is received by April 1st.)

Please make cheque/money order payable to “O.A.D.G.”

No post dated cheques.

Membership forms may be emailed to ONLY IF accompanied by an email money transfer* to the same email.

* Please state your full name(s) in the description box of the transfer for the purpose of clarity.

You will receive a confirmation email shortly after receipt of your form and cheque.

Mail completed membership forms to:

Kathey Rowsome

3316 Wild Cherry Drive,

Osgoode, ON

K0A 2W0


Kathey Rowsome Email

N.B. Please do not send Ontario Equestrian Federation (OEF) membership forms or Equine Canada (EC) membership forms to the OADG Membership Director. These forms should be sent directly to the respective OEF and EC membership offices.