OADG News Bulletins

OADG 2020 Interim Show Scores

  • The OADG 2020 Interim Show Scores posted at Awards

Classified Ads Dec. 17, 2020

  • Posted on the Tack page
  • Herm Sprenger Double Bridle Bits

2020 OADG Survey Results

OADG 2020 Membership Form

  • The OADG 2020 Membership Form posted at Renew

2020 Ottawa Area Local Show Schedule

OADG 2019 Awards Criteria & Submission Forms

  • The 2019 forms now posted at Awards

2016 OADG Survey Results

Hoof Balancing – No Hoof, No Horse

  • Can’t keep shoes on? Horse has a sore back? Hock and Stifle injections? Poor lateral work? Behavioural problems?
  • Negative Palmar angle leads to irrevocably crushed digital cushions
  • See Hoof Balancing page, under Resources

Motion Form

  • Got an idea for the OADG?
  • Take the opportunity to submit a motion to an OADG Director!
  • View details on the Motions page

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Suggestions for OADG Clinics

  • Please send suggestions for clinics to Peggy McQuaid Email


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